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Stalk The Owls is the brainchild of Jairo Ruiz. The moniker represents an amalgam of musician, composer, designer, and engineer.

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Stalk The Owls is a boutique, multidisciplinary creative studio offering a range of musical services for a variety of clients and platforms.

From original compositions and sound design for film & production companies, to mixing, mastering, and music production for artists, musicians, and producers.


Established in the Fall of 2014, Stalk The Owls set out to create horror-inspired, instrumental music, all while exploring the field of film scoring and composition.

Prior to creating Stalk The Owls, Jairo spent a few years performing, recording, and doing the band thing.


In an already competitive music industry, made more competitive by subscription based models, artificial intelligence, and royalty-free music, Stalk The Owls aspires to stand out from the pack and offer a personal approach to collaborating with other creative minds.

Building relationships, constantly learning and improving, and maintaining the value of musicianship are just some of the values that motivates Stalk The Owls to do what it does; to create original music for music's sake.

Learn more about all the services Stalk The Owls offers or reach out with any questions or to say hello.

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Creative Services


Digital Composer

Collaboration with directors, producers, music supervisors, music editors, and so on, to write and record music to picture for film, television, games, or any other visual media that requires music to accompany the project.

Why "digital"? Unlike traditional composers that score music and hire an orchestra to record the composition, all music is created using a mix of acoustic & electric instruments, and hardware & software synthesizers.

Rate: vary per project

Sound Design

Mainly focuses on creating atmospheric underscores and sonic landscapes for narration, spoken word, documentaries, advertisments, film, or any other audio or visual media that requires sound to accompany the project.

Rate: vary per project


Session Player

Reliable, dependable bassist available for studio sessions. Versed in many styles of music, but most experienced in the genres (and most subgenres) of rock, pop, punk, and country. Please note: not able to read sheet music.

Rate: $50/hr for composing, rehearsing, recording

Virtual Session Player

Similar to Session Player, except all tracks are recorded independently and stems are delivered to the client via cloud services or email.

Rate: $75 per song (includes composing, recording, and up to 2 revisions)

Live Performance

Professional bassist available for showcases, tribute shows, or cover gigs requiring a fill-in, or occassional performances. Not available for residency gigs or tours.

2 week advance notice is required. Show location must be within an hour of downtown Nashville. All rates include up to 2 rehearsals, if needed. Rehearsal space paid for and/or provided by client.

15-30 minute set: $100
30-60 minute set: $200
Over 60 minutes: Contact for custom pricing

Music Production

Drums & Percussion

Drums and percussion services offered for pre or post production for singer-songwriters, bands, producers, record labels, or any other client requiring rhythm or beats for a music project. All drums and percussion created using hardware and software synthesizers.

Rate: $75 per song (includes arrangement, recording, and up to 2 revisions)


Affordable mixing services available for all music genres and production types, be it a demo or commercial release. All mixing done "in the box" and delivered as stems. Service includes up to 2 revisions.

Rate: $150 per song


Mastering services available for all music genres and production types. This service improves on final mixes to achieve the "radio-ready" sound. Songs can be mastered for CD, streaming services, or vinyl. Please indicate which one when requesting this service.

The streaming services option includes Spotify, Tidal, and Apple Music. If additional streaming services are required, please indicate which ones when requesting this service. There is an additional $25 per option.

All songs are delivered as WAV and MP3 files and will include all the correct metadata and ISRC codes, if provided.

Standard: $100 per song
Additional mastering options: $25 per song, per option


CD Artwork

Stalk The Owls offers graphic design services for CD artwork. Graphic design includes font selection, layout, photo editing, and custom graphics.

Select from tray card, panel insert, jacket, or eco-wallet. All files delivered to spec for choice of CD manufacturer. Includes JPEG or PNG version for online services.

Rate: $25/hr

Digital Artwork

Similar to CD Artwork, but created for online presentation only. No print design. Delivered in 3 sizes to accommodate different online platforms.

Rate: $25/hr

Web Design

From simple, one page profiles to multipage sites for artists, bands, producers, production companies, and so forth. Projects can be developed on a site builder like Squarespace, or stand alone.

Websites built using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, using modern tools and best practices. All work considered front-end development. No back-end development offered at this time.

Rate: vary per project

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The Celestial Sessions
Title: The Celestial Sessions
Release Date: July 2018
Listen/Purchase: Bandcamp
The Jaymar Sessions
Title: The Jaymar Sessions
Release Date: October 2016
Listen/Purchase: Bandcamp
The Alton Sessions
Title: The Alton Sessions
Release Date: October 2015
Listen/Purchase: Bandcamp
Title: Reverie
Release Date: March 2017
Listen/Purchase: Bandcamp
That Which Remains
Title: That Which Remains
Release Date: January 2016
Listen/Purchase: Bandcamp
image of Stalk The Owls' studio


All music written by Stalk The Owls is available for licensing, and obtained exclusively through this website. Currently, only sync licensing options are offered. This section will be updated as soon as more music and options become available.

Licensing options vary in pricing and permission.

At this time, only music found on Stalk The Owls discography is available for licensing. Please use the contact form and include the song(s) you are interested in licensing, and the platform the song is intended for use. You will receive a custom quote.

image of Stalk The Owls' studio


Stalk The Owls is based in Nashville, TN and works with clients from coast to coast. Use the form below to start a conversation about licensing, the services we offer, or just to say hello.