Stalk The Owls

Stalk The Owls® is currently undergoing a redesign and will relaunch July 2019.


Stalk The Owls® is the brainchild of Jairo Ruiz. The moniker represents an amalgam of musician, composer, designer, and engineer.


Stalk The Owls is a boutique, multidisciplinary creative studio offering a range of musical services for various clients and platforms. From compositions and sound design to mixing, mastering, and music production for independent artists, musicians, and producers.


Established in the Fall of 2014, Stalk The Owls has been releasing music as a solo artist over the last few years. As a musician (bassist), Stalk The Owls has years of experience performing, recording, and doing the band thing.


Stalk The Owls is based in Nashville, TN, and works with clients from coast to coast.


In an already competitive music industry, made more competitive by subscription based models, artificial intelligence, and royalty-free loops, Stalk The Owls offers a personal approach to collaborating with other creative minds, with the goal of building relationships, providing quality music, and maintaining the value of musicianship.

I also love music, I love creating music, and I would love to make a living making music.


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